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13 Cis White Male Brewers Share Their Thoughts on The State of The World

By Kenny Kimball. David Lewis – Bombastic Brewing “Yeah, shit’s pretty crazy right now, that’s for sure. I don’t know, seems like things are getting pretty crazy out there, huh? Yeah… Damn.”  Dave Witherspoon – Hoops Brewing  “I think no matter who you are, we’re all going through tough times right now. But I think if we all just hang in there and ride this thing through, um… Better.. Better days are on the horizon …


  • 9 Famous and Productive Alcoholics You Can Be Inspired By
    By Helga Pataki Lemme guess. You’re an alcoholic? Yeah, me too. Sucks, right? Just fucking wish I could… Live a normal life, you know?! Like… Fucking go for a walk, or read a book, or cook something other than Cheeseburger Hot Pockets. But I can’t… Cause I’m always fucking drunk as shit.  Everyday I wake up, hit the Peach Schnapps, pour some Stoli Raz into a coffee thermos, take the bus to work, talk to […]
  • How To Absolutely Fucking Crush (And Ultimately Smash) Your Brewery Blind Date
    By Shelley Mullenberg Dating. It’s fun, right?! We whip out our phones, we click on our apps, we swipe through pictures of people, contemplate whether we’d fuck ‘em or not, decide we would fuck them, we match, we message, we meet up, we chit chat, then, you know… We either bang ‘em, or we don’t! You never know what can happen, right? But hey! That’s why it’s fun! Banging strangers, then just going about our […]
  • How To Successfully Hit On Service Industry Workers
    By Tanner Jankum Bars, breweries, the St. Louis Park Chili’s where Tiffany bartends on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights; nothing beats hanging out in a lively environment, sipping some suds with your buds, and simply soaking in a vibrant ambiance. But is it really the tap beer lineup that keeps us coming back for more? Do you honestly think it’s the boneless mango habanero wings that keep calling your name to the Buffalo Wild Wings […]

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